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Arpatech will help you migrate your existing infrastructure/applications to Azure Cloud , so you can benefit from minimum downtimes and predictable outcomes.

Do not know how to setup Azure? Our experts will help you set up Azure platform with appropriate architecture and important security foundations. We are here to help you explore Azure offerings that can benefit the nature of your applications.

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DevSecOps & Cloud Security

Security is a key concern for any organization moving to the cloud, who needs confidence that its platforms and data are secure. ARPAtech helps its clients build, deploy, and operate cloud platform using modern DevOps approaches.

DevOps Automation (CI/CD)

Developing a strategy for where and how to apply DevOps tools, practices, and approaches to accelerate technology delivery at scale is key to the cloud environment. The goal of automation is to establish a consistent and automated way to build, package, and test applications.

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Cloud Platform Build & Migration

Once we have evaluated our client’s environment, workloads, applications, and related discrepancies, while meticulously planning their cloud migration approach, we will make that effort work. When we deploy an MSP offering, we actually help you get out of the planning and testing phases and enter a world of practicality. On the face of it, everything looks OK, but the ultimate determinant of our success or failure is how successfully we migrate a production application’s zero downtime with live users. This is the stage in the cloud setting where data will be migrated and applications will be neutralized, re-platformed and strengthened.

Continuous Monitoring

It is the process and technology required to incorporate monitoring across each phase of your DevOps and IT operations lifecycles. It helps to continuously ensure the health, performance, and reliability of your application and infrastructure as it moves from development to production.

Reports and Analytics

Reporting and analytics are vital because they equip the organization to make key decisions that increase its value more effectively. We assist you in setting up tools that allow real-time access to essential data as well as the rapid generation of multidimensional reports from diverse data sources.

Configuration Management

Configuration management is essential key to standardizing resource configurations and to enforcing their stages across the infrastructure.

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